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If your client or insured had a motor vehicle or boating 
accident while allegedly under the influence 
of alcohol or drugs, Sal Fariello can 
very likely help in the defense.


Specialist in DUI manslaughter forensic analysis 
and DUI causing injury.


Sal Fariello has been known to "perform the impossible" in helping innocent DUI manslaughter defendants get acquitted. Here's one example. In Michigan recently, a man was prosecuted for DUI manslaughter when he and his friend were in the defendant's pickup truck when it rolled over and ejected both occupants, resulting in his friend's death. Both were legally drunk. Sal Fariello proved that the truck rolled over because a tire blew. He also proved biomechanically that the  owner of the truck was not the actual driver! Result? Acquittal! But there's more to this story. There were serious and shocking allegations about police misconduct. For details, go to www.duigulag.com and click on NOTES FROM THE GULAG UNDERGROUND. The whole story is posted there.

Here's what the defense attorney in that supposedly "unwinnable" case said about Sal Fariello:

"Sal Fariello was absolutely instrumental in the recent acquittal of my client on four capital charges related to an OUIL (DUI) accident causing death. Mr. Fariello's expertise in Accident Reconstruction, Bodily Injury Biomechanics and Human Factors carried the day in an otherwise unwinnable and tremendously complex physical evidence case. I can unequivocally recommend him to my fellow counsel."

                                                  Gary M. Wilson, Esq.
                                                  Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
                                                  cell (313) 410-0110
                                                  Wilson & Cain, P.C.
                                                  16845 Kercheval Ave., Ste. 6
                                                  Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
                                                  (313) 886-5600


Here's what a New Jersey lawyer said about Sal Fariello"


"Mr. Fariello's ability to uncover the facts and challenge the prosecution's case in a vehicle DUI accident is absolutely amazing. He leaves no stone unturned on behalf of the client. No accident reconstruction expert I have ever seen can match his skill and determination in taking the police to task in criminal vehicle accident cases."

                                Nicholas Caprio, Esq.
                                West Caldwell, NJ
                                (973) 882-3555


Sal Fariello has vast experience in accident reconstruction and vehicle forensic science as applied to motor vehicle and boating criminal cases. In 1993 he was retained to do forensic work in the first World Trade Center bombing case. Sal handles DUI manslaughter cases all over the United States.

Sal's approach to these cases is based on the fundamental principle that you cannot assume that alcohol or drugs caused a vehicle or boating accident unless a thorough accident reconstruction proves that the accident was otherwise avoidable, and that a mechanical failure or some other factor did not cause the crash. Furthermore, some injuries claimed to be caused by an accident are actually pre-existing. It can never be assumed that all injuries claimed by the police to have been caused by a crash were actually caused by the crash. 

Sal is one of only a few forensic experts in the United States who has been specially appointed by a Court as a defense expert in vehicle DUI manslaughter cases. The courts have confidence in Sal's expertise and objectivity.

Mr. Fariello holds a specialized certification in Human Factors from  the University of North Florida , including analysis of the influence of alcohol on driving behavior. He also has vast experience in finding defects in motor vehicles and boats which can cause loss of control and crashes. Sal's accident reconstruction and injury reconstruction credentials are excellent and highly respected. Click here for CV.

He has written several books about injury causation and accident reconstruction. Many of his books are in pubic libraries, and he has appeared on television many times in connection with his books.

If you need help in a DUI manslaughter case contact Sal Fariello at (352) 331-0877 or e mail to easternforensic@earthlink.net Sal accepts DUI manslaughter cases anywhere in the United States.